Sunday, October 4, 2009

Patriotic Republicans - JOKE!

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears, hypocritical Republicans who say they are patriotic.

Have you seen how many Repubs are happy, yes HAPPY that the U.S. did NOT win the Olympic bid for the games in 2016. Talk about UNPATRIOTIC, they should be ashamed and all of you who support them or voted for them.

This is NO loss by or from Obama, he went above and beyond to help. If George Bush had done that I would have been pleased. Point being this isn't about politics. This is about a country being proud and united that the games would be held here as they have been in many cities over the decades.

Republicans want to spin this decision as a massive loss for Obama and Democrats who have always been in control in Chicago.

Erick Erickson on the conservative "RedState" blog, wrote "Hahahahahaha", "I thought the world would love us more now that Bush was gone." See here

As far as the world loving us now that Bush is gone, that is true. However, the world has no bearing on the selection of the Olympics. The world is much happier without Bush or Sarah Palin in office.

I will admit as a Democrat I am not thrilled with Obama, however, he did inherit one hell of a mess left by 8 years of Republican debauchery, criminal activity of which the Bush administration should be held accountable for.

Back to the un-patriotism of the Repubs. What they call Obama's loss on the Olympic bid is a loss for US ALL! Any true red-blooded American who loves this country and it's flag raised while the national anthem is played with our athletes receiving gold should blast the Republicans for the excitement over our loss of the Olympic bid. Sorry Repubs that is extreme NON-Patriotism..... shame on you all for that too.

Congrats to Brazil as this will be the first Olympics ever held in the southern hemisphere of the Americas. I can bet that was one huge factor as well as the size of Rio and it's ability to handle this monumental task.

Of course Chicago would have done it grand style no doubt and thank you for all who worked so hard in the bid. Now we should all hope for the best in Brazil and of course support our wonderful and talented men and women who will shine there.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Palin "Death Panels Are Real"

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears? Sarah Palin, good grief this person is such a character but sadly so many follow her...... every word (that's scary) for a laugh I do but folks this gal is so clueless and so far right that she will say or do anything for publicity or to upset people which means to continually lie.

They are false, NO DEATH PANELS! -

This whole "Death Panel" bullshit is just that..... NO ONE is talking about doing such a thing. It just took one conservative congress member in Kansas or Oklahoma to start this death panel stuff and people like Sarah jump right on without any information or any knowledge of health care or reform or what has been drafted, debated and continually evolving.

Again folks NO death panels exist or will exist under any of the reform legislation in Congress. A number of notable Republicans have also clearly stated that so Palin and others talking this dividing BS need to stop and need to read and educate themselves and by all means join in debate on real issues. Death Panels are not as they do not and will not exist under any reform or change.

YOU ARE BEING LIED to by the RIGHT to scare you. That is what Hannity, O'Reilly, Beck, Rush and others get paid to do and they actually believe some of their own lies but that is what they are. Realize those folks have one agenda to get back to a Bush Administration with Republican control which will aid the wealthy and has been proven under every Republican administration and to hell with the middle and lower class. They are the most selfish of any other group by far. Giving to charity doesn't count as that is done mostly for tax write-offs.

Please go read about health care reform and I promise you won't see any death panel BS and you will be able to understand that as well by actually reading the ideas, proposals in the reform bill. Again I am not asking you to agree with it but read it to understand it and realize that no death panels will come from it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama Speech To Students

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears, the hysteria over the president of the United States talking to students. I am so disgusted and saddened to see so many people and mostly conservatives and whites get loony over it.

No uproars though when Reagan (who did a politically charged speech to students in 1988), both the Bushes did speeches and they were not provided prior to the speech such as Obama's speech was put on the White House website and out to media on Monday for all to digest as well as realize that it is about staying in school and being educated. When Clinton spoke never any problems, but that may also be because he is white.

Any of you teachers, parents, school administrations not allowing the students to view or read the speech should be ashamed of yourselves. You are awful parents, teachers and administrators. What a way to deprive a child of education. It shows none of you have any faith in your own kids to have them listen, digest it and make their own informed decisions, for them to ask questions for them to want to learn more, discuss education and events with their families.

Sadly those who do not see it will be the losers for sure. It really is racism for the most part since it was never an issue when Reagan, Bush, Bush, Clinton spoke to kids but now a black president speaks and the whites and conservatives freak.... Shows how awful the "right" is. He is not the enemy, he is the president.

I have no use for that thing that was in the White House the last 8 years, a man who murdered 4,400 plus of our soldiers for a fake, false war made from revenge and greed and it has been proven time and again that the war was never needed! He created the debt this country had because of the war and bad policies that Obama inherited. I would let my kids listen to a speech by him as that is a historical event, it is a lesson in listening, comprehension and discussion in school and at home with the parents whether you are a conservative, a liberal or other......

As I said earlier it will be the ones who don't read it or view that are the ones who loose an educational opportunity and a chance for discussion.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

UBS to Give 4,450 Names to U.S. IRS

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears? Uber wealthy people whom can afford taxes but don't want to pay them and try very intricate tricky loopholes to make sure they can get away with it. See here - UBS To Give 4,450 Names to U.S. and Names Deal Cracks Swiss Bank Secrecy

I applaud the Swiss and U.S. governments for making this happen. I pay my taxes, sure I don't want to like anyone else but it is part of life and it is for the good of our country and your fellow citizens. These wealthy folk whom have more than most, the top 1-5% of the population are the scumbags who try every scheme or loophole their attorney/tax account can find. Now to be fair the loopholes were there so why not as it's legal or so it may have been at one time.

In this case it is blatant tax evasion for people who could more then afford it. As is with many Americans it is people living beyond their means and so they figure I want to live a certain way so I will get away with all these tax breaks by hiding money or fake accounts etc. No more, you folks should have been paying and will now pay like the rest of us.

Come down a peg or two, sell one of your 5 homes or 20 cars and pay your taxes like the rest of us and in the end you'll be helping many others as those tax dollars support so many good programs that help so many here at home in your country.

I certainly do not feel sorry for any of them and I think all the names should be released that would be part of the punishment and well deserved to say the least. Pony up folks, it's about time you join the rest of tax payers!

I hope people like Limbaugh, Bush, Hannity, O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Rupert Murdoch, Rove are all on the list! :) However, I bet our government will whimp out and just collect. Maybe they will prosecute and that should be public record, but they will have some special rule that it all be sealed..... We'll see over the coming months as they release the names in blocks of 500 at a time.


You Know What Really Grinds My Gears? The American Government for NOT taking care of veteran's from the past 40 plus years up to the current day vets in growing numbers.

It is a shame and the current administration (although doing more than it's recent predecessors) needs to really step up ten fold. It is unacceptable that these men and women go fight for our country in a false war in the first place. That aside they go fight for OUR rights and freedoms and to try and instill our democracy on other cultures and governments.

Yet they come home alive fortunately (sadly the false war of George Bush has killed over 4,300 of them for no reason and that has been proven many times over. However, we are in it and must complete and or support the people of those foreign lands and many of these soldiers are doing 3, 4, 5 deployments which is unheard of in warfare. They go above and beyond for low pay and come back to have no jobs, no family in some cases and the Government deserts them as well.

That just makes my head spin..... WE AS A PEOPLE and OUR GOVERNMENT OWE these kids in many cases what we have in our freedoms, rights, and safety. Yet they come home and are tossed aside. To think that just one city (Los Angeles) in this country is home to some 15,000 homeless vets from all wars and growing numbers of Iraq and Afghan soldiers makes me sick. That is just one city and there have been other stories about this across the country but this is alarming even more.

IAVA has done allot to help but we need to do so much more for these people. Serving your country, sacrificing many things besides their lives yet we do little or provide little protection to them. They all deserve to have what every Congressman has in Washington, the best benefits and opportunities to improve and be good. We owe them that and if I had to pay more in taxes for that I would happy too.

Our service men and women deserve the best for all they have given for the rest of us to live as we do in this country and they should come home and be taken care of until they are back on their feet and be who they were before they went to war and lost most things in their lives. War changes you but you can be even better and some need more help than others so let's step up folks and help these men and women. Remember all they've done for us to have happy healthy lives here at home.

America, Obama and both sides of the aisle need to come together. It is sad and sickening that we haven't done enough for them the past 40 plus years and it still has only improved a little.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bailed Out Banks Sought Foreign Workers for Jobs (for laid off U.S. workers)!

The gears they are a grinding..... To think our great Wall Street firms and many others were applying for 21,000 plus worker visas to get foreign workers for jobs in this country although they were laying off 100,000's of employees here in the U.S.

Makes me sick and sick to think I have worked for some of these firms over the years. This is just a complete slap in the face to our own people. We are in such turmoil here but yet the almight corporation can just toss us aside saying the positions are elminated all the while they were just planning on filling them with workers from outside the U.S. and of course at a much lower cost.

Good ole American GREED is certainly alive and well!

See story here -

Friday, January 30, 2009

18.4 Billion For a Job Well Done?

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears, GREED and SELFISHNESS!

Today in New York City, 20,000 New Yorkers (maybe more), most of them NYC school teachers, will be cut from New York City payrolls and left to fend for themselves and their families and forced to leave their students and schools.

It would be heartbreaking enough to watch the latest explosion of jobs without the accompanying news out of the very same area code; while teachers are being pink slipped Wall Streeters treated themselves to over $18 Billion in bonuses. Not base pay or salary, but bonuses for a job well done???

Twisted by the contagion of The Green, Wall Streeters are rewarding them selves with what totals $18 Billion dollars in Bonuses based on, get this, 'phantom' profits. Do you know what that means? Of course not because it’s complete bullshit. Bonuses are being paid out by firms who have so utterly failed that we have to bail them out with our tax dollars. So now we are paying for their delusions and the back end. We paid on the front end when they issued crap with other bullshit names, like Credit Default Swaps and Derivatives and phony money called “Securitized Mortgage Backed Instruments”.

President Obama has rightfully called these payouts 'shameful' and 'the height of irresponsibility'. Senator Chris Dodd has gone further, vowing to hunt down the bonuses and withdraw them. It makes for good copy, but the sad fact is once the cash is released, it’s hard to get back. New York City's current budget deficit, the reason so many people will end this Friday unemployed or by July is about $4 billion. Just a fraction of that bonus cash could keep all of those who will be terminated today gainfully employed and contributing to their city. In fact with that kind of cabbage, New York City could actually hire MORE teachers, MORE Police Officers MORE Firefighters and EMTs. But instead 18 Billion will get quietly spent at some Bentley Dealership in Miami or a jewelry store in Palm Springs.

We've heard a lot about 'stimulus' lately, but what really needs stimulating is any kind of sense of decency amongst the 'snake' class, players who gamble with our entire economy on a daily basis without a care or clue about what this does to our Nation in the end.

20 years ago, Oliver Stone created Gordon Gecko as a warning not an inspiration. When will we put these completely remorseless Type A's (as in Assholes) where they belong? I’m thinking Danbury Minimum Security Federal Prison, Rikers Island? Merrill’s John Thain ought to have been marched to a Super Max prison handcuffed to Bernie Madoff by now but instead they are both in their New York City Penthouses. Why?

There is nothing special about them, really. If we all turned off the chip in our brain that recognizes right from wrong, how rich do you think you could be?

Sick and sad and sicker are the Sean Hannity's, the Limbaugh's, Guiliani, Coulter, Glenn Beck, Kurlowe and so many others hoping and wanting Obama to fail even at the cost of our nation as a whole and the majority of its people. All because they want to live in a backwards traditional society of the 1700's. They view progression and freedom as a bad thing to be who we are and to be open and move forward. All I can say folks when you listen to the right wing nuts check their facts as they have been proven wrong some 90% of the time. They love to spin and sadly many sit there and eat it up without getting the facts, the truth. READ UP folks!

Oh and yes I do work for a Wall Street Investment Bank but I did NOT get a bonus and that's ok. I make a good salary as the bonus folks above do and can easily live fine without them. The only thing I will say in defence of the Swiss bank I work for is that it is one of the only instituitions to NOT take any government funding. They declined any help and we are fairing ok. Our losses are marginal compared to all of our peers. The entire board and all top executives did NOT take any bonuses. It went to the majority of the working class employees. Sure some well paid upper mgmt got good chunks but it is what it is. As you see that may change for any of the banks that your tax dollars are saving or helping. The 18.4 billion came primarily from the banks that rec'd government funding aka your tax dollars.

See story linked in headline - Mayor Bloomberg paints grim economic picture for New York City 2009 budget